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History of Independence Day 15 August 1947 - INDIA

History of Independence Day 15 August 1947 - INDIA: - Independence Day 1947 Full History The Independence Day of India 1947 {1947 c. 30 (10 & 11. Geo.6.)} was the act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which portioned British India into the two Dominions of India and Pakistan. The Royal Assent was received on 18th July 1947 and Pakistan came into existence on 15 August at the same as Indian Independence. However, Lord Mountbatten’s need in Delhi for the transferring of the power, Pakistan a day ahead celebrated its formation on 14th August 1947, so that he could be enabled to attend both the events. The formulation of legislation was formulated by the Prime Minister Clement Attlee and Lord Mountbatten (The Governor General of India) after the representatives of ING – Indian National Congress, ML – Muslim League and Sikh Community had come to an agreement to the Viceroy of India on what has come to be known as 3 June Plan or the Mountbatten Plan, which was the last plan for the Independence. The Plan included these three principles:

Independence Day 15 August 1947

Independence Day 15 August 1947 - INDIA 

Independence Day 15 August 1947

1.       The British Government has accepted the Principle of Partition of India.
2             .       The Dominion Status will be given to the Dominion Government.
3                       .       The Right for Implicit to secede from the British Commonwealth.

The Provision Act 1947:

The most important provisions of 1947 were:
·         The partition of British India into two Sovereign Dominions of India and Pakistan effected from 15 August 1947.

·         Partition of Bengal & Punjab provinces into two new countries.
·         As for the representation of the crown, the establishment of office of Governor General in each of the two new countries.

·         The complete legislative authority upon the respective Constituent Assemblies of the new countries.
·         The British Suzerainty was terminated over the princely states effected from 15 August 1947 and recognized the right to states for acceding the either dominions.

The provision was also made for the joint property etc between the two new countries including equality division of armed forces.

 Independence Day 15 August 1947

The Princely States:

Lord Mountbatten had held a press conference on 4 June 1947 addressing the question of princely states which there were over 570. The relation of Treaty between Britain and the Indian States would come to an end on 15 August 1947 and the suzerainty crown was to lapse.
From the Article 395 of the Constitution of India the act was repealed and Article 221 of Constitution of Pakistan of 1956 obtaining a true independence for new states. As the new constitution has came into power but it does not have the legal authority to repeal the act.

 Independence Day 15 August 1947
1947 Freedom News (India and Pakistan)
 Independence Day 15 August 1947

The Result of Partition of 1947:

 Independence Day 15 August 1947

1947 Wallpaper 

 Independence Day 15 August 1947

 Independence Day 15 August 1947

The results were disastrous as there was much violence and created a conflict between the citizens of the country that they left which was left behind without collected them with themselves. Muslims fled to Pakistan and the Hindus and Sikhs fled to India. Many of the citizens from both the countries left their properties and all their possessions just to avoid violence and fled to their new country.


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